Market forces, global factors and changing community priorities mean that Australia and New Zealand are going through a time of reinvention. We need solutions and ideas to determine a clear position in the global economy and a vision on sustainability, and cost effectively developing and regenerating our manufacturing and production future. The theme for Chemeca 2016 is Chemical Engineering - Regeneration, Recovery and Reinvention. These words will guide and challenge industrial chemists and chemical engineers through the conference.

There are a number of emerging opportunities provided by new technologies, and by hardened experience, that are catalysts to new products or reinvigorated production and manufacturing opportunities. Chemical engineers are among those who are and will be leading the way, with strong ideas and views on sustainability, production industry synergies and companion industry processes.

Adelaide is undergoing change itself and is an ideal place to deliberate these challenges. South Australia (SA) is regenerating its recovery of hydrocarbon resources from existing underground assets in the Cooper Basin for sale interstate. It is regenerating the Port Pirie Lead smelter with new technology and developing drought proofing techniques like local water aquifer storage, dry farming techniques and recycled water reuse, while expanding its use of green energy from wind and solar. Green energy has been embraced by the community and is now making up to 40% of SA's energy use allowing alternative uses of hydrocarbon reserves.

Please join me in Adelaide, in September 2016 to meet with your peers from across Australasia and the world to learn and share industry knowledge, experience, ideas and insights that will provide a platform from which the world industry can grow.

With your collaboration and partnering at this event we hope you will be able to provide or take away to solve, a piece of of our future's puzzle.


Tony Williams, FIChemE FIEAust CPEng NPER RPEQ
Chair, organising committee

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